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Romancing Riley

There usually has to be some sort of romance involved for me to pick up a book. Anything with a strong emotional undercurrent is bound to get my attention. Contemporary, PNR, H/C & M/M are my favorites.

A Few Favorites ♥

Fire For Effect
Brothers In Arms
The Final Line
Shock & Awe
Lover Awakened
Long Time Gone
Catch a Ghost
Uncommon Passion
Rough Canvas
Wake Me Up Inside
Chase the Storm
Something Like Autumn
Power Exchange
The Value Of Rain

Jennifer's favorite books ยป

Something Different

Something Different - S.A. Reid,  T. Baggins It's a sweet story even though it's cliched and predictable. My biggest problem was the giant wtf moment I hit at about 75% ish. It kinda killed the rest of the book for me. I'm sorry, but I had a hard time accepting Michael knowingly, willingly even, subjecting himself to an incurable STD just because he was "Oh so in love." It just irritated the hell out of me. Especially since it could be managed and treated. It was irresponsible and stupid, and then hand waved away later. It pissed me off. But clearly I'm a minority in that aspect. Which is a wtf in and of itself. After that, I couldn't get back into it and ended up skimming some til I reached the end. Not something I would recommend. It had other issues, but that was the worst one. The writing itself was decent. The wtfuckery killed it for me.