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Romancing Riley

There usually has to be some sort of romance involved for me to pick up a book. Anything with a strong emotional undercurrent is bound to get my attention. Contemporary, PNR, H/C & M/M are my favorites.

A Few Favorites ♥

Fire For Effect
Brothers In Arms
The Final Line
Shock & Awe
Lover Awakened
Long Time Gone
Catch a Ghost
Uncommon Passion
Rough Canvas
Wake Me Up Inside
Chase the Storm
Something Like Autumn
Power Exchange
The Value Of Rain

Jennifer's favorite books ยป
Dark Lover - J.R. Ward Hmmm. What to say about this one. Typically, I am a very forgiving reader. If the story draws me in, I can overlook a lot. That said, this didn't have much going for it other than people telling me I had to suck it up and get through it in order to enjoy the rest of the series. About the only redeeming quality to this book was the last 15-20%, where things finally started to get a bit interesting.Personally, I would never lead a series with this book. It's choppy, overwritten and cluttered with stilted dialogue. The characters are flat, and sometimes laughable. Baby powder smelling zombie like things? Really? I'll never forget that one. Mostly though, I was bored to tears. It took me four days to read this book. The same amount of time it took me to read, Evenfall, which was almost 4X as long at some 1600 pages I think. Despite all it's faults, it drew me in and I couldn't stop reading. This was a chore.However, having said that, I found myself liking the brothers a little - I just wish there had been more to them. I get that this was an introduction, more or less, but I think the characters suffered at the attempt to create this world. There was nothing that really stood out about them aside for their odd names. Except Zsadist. For some unknown reason, he intrigues me. There were a few hidden layers to him. I'm curious as to why he is the way he is. If it was stated, I missed it somehow.So y'all win, I will give this series one more shot, read book two and pray to God it gets better. Thankfully, a kind friend loaned me this series b/c as it stands - I wouldn't have paid for it.