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Romancing Riley

There usually has to be some sort of romance involved for me to pick up a book. Anything with a strong emotional undercurrent is bound to get my attention. Contemporary, PNR, H/C & M/M are my favorites.

A Few Favorites ♥

Fire For Effect
Brothers In Arms
The Final Line
Shock & Awe
Lover Awakened
Long Time Gone
Catch a Ghost
Uncommon Passion
Rough Canvas
Wake Me Up Inside
Chase the Storm
Something Like Autumn
Power Exchange
The Value Of Rain

Jennifer's favorite books ยป
Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire I enjoyed this book despite all the negative reviews I've seen for it. Yes, their relationship is unhealthy, yes they are both a bit screwed up, but that's why I liked it. I don't always want to read about the perfect apple pie life. I liked that everything wasn't perfect, that the characters - despite their best efforts - were deeply flawed. I liked that not everything was shiny unicorns and rainbows. In fact, if I had to pick something that I didn't like, it was the ending. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they got a happy ending after all the angst, but I think it was a bit unrealistic given their history and it felt a little rushed, but other than that I enjoyed the book and I'd read it again. I probably will at some point in the future considering I finished it the same day I bought it.