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There usually has to be some sort of romance involved for me to pick up a book. Anything with a strong emotional undercurrent is bound to get my attention. Contemporary, PNR, H/C & M/M are my favorites.

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The Value Of Rain

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From the Ashes by Daisy Harris (Fire & Rain #1)

From the Ashes - Daisy Harris

Meh. Nothing good really stood out for me in this one. I couldn't seem to connect with the characters, so I never cared one way or the other. Honestly, I didn't even like the characters. The writing was fine, technically, but it was all very flat for me - even the story itself. I hesitate to even call this a romance because I felt no emotion in the characters, the writing, anything. It's very rare that I write a review that has nothing good to say because I can overlook a lot if I like the story, but I just couldn't find anything in this one.

Tomas does not come off in a good light in this book. He's kind of a dick all the way around actually, but I just didn't like him in general. There are some elements of dubcon for those who may be sensitive to it. After Jesse loses everything and his apartment in a fire, Tomas takes him home and then immediately jumps Jesse who is ultimately, still in shock. I mean, Tomas barely gets him in the door before he slams Jesse up against it. And we actually read Jesse thinking that he's unsure what to do b/c he has nowhere else to go, but goes with it nonetheless. Jesse is a sweet, innocent character. As a guy, and a virgin, he's naturally going to be drawn to a hot man like Tomas, so he relents. It just felt very wrong in the context of Jesse's situation. That's probably the most serious offense in this book.

Aside from that, we really have no mention of firefighting. Those going into it with that expectation, will be sorely disappointed. There's some minor descriptions of the firehouse, a few chats with 'the guys', but there's no action, no flames, no excitement period. Tomas is a firefighter in name only.


I was honestly more intrigued by the side characters, Michael and Henri, more than the main ones, but we don't get to learn very much about them. Just enough to make you curious.

This was a very disappointing read for me. It fell far short of what it could have been, and that gorgeous cover is wasted on such a mediocre book.